Door Knocking

Making the Jump

About half way through graduate school, with plans to pursue a career as an archivist, I started daydreaming of becoming a realtor. But it would be imprudent to quit a master’s program and jump into a career without a salary, wouldn’t it? “I’ll just stay on the path I’m on,” I told myself, with sudden feelings of regret. Yet, the idea stuck with me.

After I graduated and started my new career in the archives, the idea only grew stronger. I liked my coworkers at the archives, and I found aspects of the job fascinating. Yet I knew it was not a good fit. I was alone most of the day in a basement (admittedly a very nice one) and the solitude bothered me. I wanted to be moving around and talking to people. Meanwhile, everyday I would check out home listings and study neighborhoods. Although I enjoyed many aspects of the job, I realized that a career in the archives was unsuited to my personality.

There is something powerful about finally realizing who you are as a person and taking decisive action to make a change. Once I made the decision, I was driven to pursue it. I signed up for real estate classes and bought all my books in one day. I couldn’t wait to get started!

Walking away from a career to pursue a dream is not easy, but as soon as I became a realtor, I knew I had made the right choice. I loved being around people, holding open houses, and touring properties. After getting my first client into contract my broker told me, “this is your talent!” and I finally felt like I had found it. I’ve been enjoying the adventure ever since.

It is my sincere wish that if you find yourself driven to pursue a goal that you act on it. You may just figure out what you’re meant to do.

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